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Laura Mantle, Auctioneer
Superior, talented and professional auctioneering services
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Why sell at auction?

  • The auction method of marketing is the most effective way to achieve fair market value for you, while at the same time expediting the process
  • By offering your chattels to a group of people and allowing them to bid competitively over those items, you are assured top dollar
  • Allows for a rapid, timely preparation and sales process of converting your items to cash
  • Eliminates the need for further time and labor on your part -- no sorting, debris disposal, private sale negotiations, etc.

Why hire me?

The auction business is my family business. I've grown up clerking, cashiering and setting up auctions since I was 10 years old.

With over 14 years experience, I work as a contract auctioneer throughout the United States as well as teach at a prestigious auction school.

Auctions are my passion. Your auction will be my focus. You can be assured of excellent service in all aspects of your auction.




Laura Mantle, Auctioneer
4080 Blendon Point Drive, Gahanna, Ohio

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